Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back Home Safe and Ruined, I Hope

We returned safely from Thailand on July 4th. Adjusting to being back home has been hard. I haven't felt rested enough to write and in that small window of time when the kids are asleep and I'm also coherent, I've felt the need to pray and read scripture. It's amazing how much more challenging these two things are once you return home.

I'm excited to share the stories from our trip and to let God bring some things into focus for me as I ponder all the people, places, thoughts, and feelings of the trip.

Some of the themes of the trip that I plan to write about are:
clean hands and a pure heart
justice, mercy, humility
no worship without sacrifice
we're rich and we're poor
God blesses the last ones

A coworker told Andy that when he asked a friend of his how his mission trip was, the friend answered, "It ruined me." I think that's a great word choice. I hope that I was ruined by this trip. I hope that any chance of me going on with life as usual is ruined; I pray that any chance of me living with one eye closed to the pain and suffering of this world is ruined.

Much more to come.


kathy said...

Welcome home! Re-entry can be hard when you're processing this much. Great themes; I can see God at work in your head and heart. I look forward to hearing more as it all comes "into focus."

Robin M. said...

What a blessing to meet you in person at this important point in your life. I really liked how you said you were home in one piece, but your heart is not. This is a good sign.

Next time you have a layover in San Francisco, let me know!

Robin M.

Marta said...

Robin, it was so good to meet you. What a great suprise!

Danielle said...

I hope you are well...thanks for your hospitality last night it was a really amped up and tight night....I love you lots